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Up to 12.6 Weeks

Hillcrest performs outpatient first trimester abortions up to 12 weeks, 6 days gestation.

While we encourage family and/or parental support, a women's consent alone is required for an abortion. Hillcrest respects your right to privacy and protects the confidentiality of all patients.

If you choose to have an abortion:

Before the abortion you will talk with a counselor who will discuss your decision and the options open to you. She will explain the procedure, follow-up care, future birth control and answer any questions you may have.

o You will be asked to give urine and blood samples so that the following lab tests can be done: hemoglobin, Rh group, urinalysis, repeat pregnancy test, and a sonogram will be performed. The doctor will determine if additional tests are needed.

o To help relieve pain and decrease anxiety, you may receive IV medication before your abortion procedure. If you do not want to be awake during your procedure, the clinic offers sleep anesthesia several days a week.

o You will be cared for at Hillcrest by experienced board-certified gynecologists who have privileges at major hospitals in the area.

The method used for a first trimester abortion is Vacuum Uterine Aspiration (Suction D&C), which takes approximately ten minutes to perform.

o The average stay at the clinic is approximately three hours, but please be prepared to stay four to six, if necessary.

We encourage you to have a friend or relative accompany you to the clinic but we request that you limit it to only one adult.

o All procedures, first trimester, and abortion by the pill are dependent on medical approval by the physician.

o Abortion patients receiving IV sedation or sleep anesthesia will need a friend or relative to stay in the clinic and drive you home. After receiving IV sedation or sleep anesthesia you may not drive for 24 hours.

o All patients are asked to return to Hillcrest or your private physician for a two-week follow-up examination. There is no charge for this exam if you return to Hillcrest within thirty (30) days.

o There is no mandatory waiting period in Maryland. Information about the abortion, counseling, and the procedure are all done the same day.

Please call for questions, an appointment, or additional information: 410-788-4400 or 1-800-427-2813.

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